The ESMC website has been developed and maintainded for Atmospheric and Environmental Research Lab (AER, Lab). We are a research group located at The University of Iowa. We currently have 12 members from a wide variety of backgrounds, both culturally and academically. Our focus lies in the research of aerosols, radiative transfer, fire characterization, remote sensing, and the modeling of trace gasses, aerosols, and irrigation.

The members of our group have enormous opportunities within their reach. Many students attend conferences such as AGU/AMS and have the option to attend paid summer internships at prestigious national laboratories across the country. In addition, we have access to powerful supercomputers at UNL. Past graduates have gone on to find fulfilling jobs in their field, despite the competitive job market.

Contact information

Dr. Jun Wang (Group Lead)
4133 Seamans Center
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: (319)-353-4483