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The ESMC project acknowledges the following (past and present) sponsors and/or partners.

  1. 2019 – present: United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  2. 2017 – 2018: NASA's Citizen Science Program
  3. 2016 – present: Iowa Informatics Initiative (UI3) and the High Performance Computing at the University of Iowa
  4. 2014 – 2016: Office for Research and Economic Development (ORED) and High-performance Computing Center in University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL)
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Weather & Air Quality Forecast

The modeling is done using WRF-Chem version 3.8. The NAM (North American Mesoscale Model) weather prediction data is used for initializing the model every 6 hours. The irrigation scheme follows the paper by Aegerter et al. (2017). The emissions for aerosols and trace gases are from the EPA. Fire emissions are obtained every 6 hours from the NRL ( polar-orbiting satellite database. The forecast is updated 4 times a day, and each forecast is made for 72 hours.

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Applications & Apps


ESMC has been providing weather and air quality forecasts for the citizens in the high-plains and nearby regions since 2015, as well as high-resolution (4 km) weather and air quality forecasts for citizens in Los Angeles since May 2017. The mobile-phone apps are also available upon request, and they provide users with the hourly forecast at their exact location.